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We provide activity tracking and workflow software solutions to many industry sectors, 

all based on our configurable framework application, ResMan

Our ResMan architecture features powerful back-office workflow-driven modules and a mobile API that links the back-end system with our on-site, in-the-field, apps.  These apps are all designed to work in 'offline mode' – they can gather and store data in remote areas where there is no internet or mobile coverage, then synchronise this data back to the main system when connectivity is restored

ResMan is highly configurable.  It can be configured to reflect the terminology you use and the workflow processes you follow.  ResMan integrates with many other systems – for example, accounting and payroll – and we do this in such a way that data needs to be entered once only

Recently we have been more involved in developing web portal and mobile app add-ons to our systems. Some of these we build as packaged offerings available to all our customers (for instance, our Health & Safety app is one example), and some we build for individual clients exclusively.  We bring to the design of these mobile solutions a creative approach, good architecture and very strong technical development skills to ensure they are robust, secure and operate reliably in the current cloud environment


Our company was founded more than 20 years ago and has customers in NZ and around the world.  We continue to support businesses and organisations who have used our systems for more than 15 years.  We value long-term partnerships with our customers, and we build these by constantly updating our products and delivering  new features and functions, many of which arise from our clients' suggestions and ideas

We are experienced and equally at home working with small businesses, charitable organisations and larger companies to multi-nationals with many hundreds of staff in several countries.  We offer a variety of discounted standard support packages to suit our customers' varying needs.

Please contact us to review options.

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