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Proven solutions that utilise our state-of-the-art workflow framework

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If you have people working offsite who need access to data and docs, then we have the answer – ResManMobile


If your people work in areas where the internet and cell coverage is poor or non-existent, our ResManMobile systems will work in offline mode then synch when coverage is restored


If you need a custom system for specific business needs we can build it for you using our proven ResManMobile architecture as the base


If you want a solution that includes multiple functions in a single integrated mobile-ready system we can provide it – and one that offers subsets of features and functions based on the roles and responsibilities of your people and your customers


A ResManMobile system can include any of these functions - and more:

  • Projects and tasks

  • Staff, competencies and licences

  • Vehicles, plant and equipment

  • Clients and contacts and subcontractors

  • Health and safety

  • Documents, plans, specs, etc

  • Site and progress audits

  • Traffic management


ResManMobile consists of a back-office website portal, mobile apps for use offsite and APIs to connect ResManMobile to other systems, with a powerful cloud-hosted database 


ResManMobile can work as a standalone solution (Portal plus Apps) or the Apps can connect to our ResMan enterprise workflow database, or other 3rd party databases.



We have created a software engine to guide, manage and track people and organisations through complex workflows and business processes. ResMan Solutions are enterprise-scalable and user-configurable

We have solutions for:

  • Professional Services and Projects

  • Training and Development

  • HR and Recruitment

  • Marketing and CRM

  • Community Care and Case Management

  • Construction and Contracting

  • Primary Producers and Farming

  • Engineering

  • Social Services

  • Injury Management and Rehabilitation

  • Employment Services


PO Box 129 Paraparaumu Kapiti 5254 New Zealand

+64 4 902 5655

0800 12 5655

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