ResMan for Welfare-to-Work

Workflows and Business Rules

ResMan supports all the complex workflows and business rules that allow our customers to provide the best service to job seekers to help them into sustained and rewarding employment and so change their lives. We know it's a competitive business, too, as Governments and Local Bodies want to achieve the best possible return for their funding and will always fund based on proven outcomes. We've designed our software to allow each of our customers to create and optimise their own unique paths to employment to maximise successful outcomes and optimise revenue.

Prompts and Reminders

ResMan makes the jobs of consultants and advisors simple and lets them concentrate on the face-to-face meetings with clients and employers - it sets out the pre-defined workflows that you decide consititute contract delivery. ResMan tracks where job seekers are up to in the process and prompts and reminds staff to do the necessary follow-ups and steps on time in a professional way. ResMan has comprehensive CRM and document management built-in. We have add-on modules for interfacing with Government systems (eg PRaP in the UK) , for paying and tracking one-off expenses and for updating back-office accounting and payroll systems.

Supply Chain Management

Complicated supply chain management has become more and more a central requirement of welfare to work provision. Government funders now select larger providers to engage with, who in turn deliver services through partners in sub-contractor arrangements. ResMan includes special structures to support this. These structures allow you to define and track and control the transfer of referred job seekers from your team to your sub-contractors and back again. Your sub-contractors can use ResMan with restricted access to ensure they conform to your pre-defined workflows and processes and to ensure you have a full and consistent transaction history of everything delivered under your contracts. Using ResMan reporting you can measure KPI's for your sub-contractors as well as for your own staff.

13 Years W2W Experience

ResMan's advanced data structures allows a job seeker client to have multiple engagements with you over time. Comprehensive transactional history, case notes and a data warehouse for KPI and management reporting round out our offerings. We have experience with welfare to work programmes in 6 countries and with large and small providers. Many of our customers have other business streams, too, and they have different configurations of ResMan for staff in each division, all sharing a single database. User, group, branch, cluster and division-level security and access control conforms to privacy and control requirements. ResMan systems have passed internal and external audits in all the countries where we work.

Plus much more.

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