ResMan for Recruitment

Automate and control business processes via ResMan Workflow

Ensure that processes are followed every time
ResMan Workflow takes the headache out of managing complex business process workflows.

ResMan Workflow will automate recruitment business process workflows like the creation and dispatch of candidate processing letters or emails, follow ups, first day calls, or whatever you need. 

ResMan Workflow automatically prompts consultants to perform actions, then logs all the details.

Create composite business processes to meet contractual or regulatory requirements
You can use ResMan Workflow to create and manage any workflow you need.

Classify and find people and organisations via ResMan Search & Match and ResMan Scroll & Tag

Speed is of the essence in a tight labour market
Start from a vacancy or from a candidate.  ResMan Scroll and Tag enable consultants to rapidly create a short-list, generate emails or letters and manage the end-end interview to placement process.  All from one simple screen.  All by a click of the mouse.

Web enabled business via ResWeb

Speed up Candidate processing via the web
ResWeb enables you to automatically process applicants via your website.  You can add suitable applicants to your ResMan database with the click of a button.  You can also reject unsuitable candidates and send rejection letters or emails without adding them to ResMan.

Post jobs to all the major Job Boards
ResWeb is fully configurable.

Control who can post jobs and when they are submitted
ResWeb is fully secure.  You can control which users can submit jobs and when jobs are submitted.

Control the processing of candidate responses from Job Boards
ResWeb enables you to automatically create a ResMan record for any applicant at the click of a button.  Conversely, ResWeb enables you to automatically reject unsuitable applicants without importing data into ResMan. 

Future-proof your business for changes to the Job Boards
ResourceWare works closely with all the leading Job Boards to ensure ResWeb integrates perfectly when the Job Boards change their systems, or new Job Boards start up.

Online timesheets processing saves time
ResWeb enables your candidates to complete timesheets online.  You client manager can then approve the timesheets online, and ResWeb automatically updates the ResMan Financials module.

Financial integration via ResMan Financials

Solves your Timesheet and Invoicing Problems
ResMan Financials simplifies timesheets and invoices based on actions.

Integrates with all leading accounting and payroll systems
ResMan Financials comes with export routines to all the major accounting and payroll systems.  Custom exports can also be easily created as part of your ResMan implementation.

Need customised or different invoice formats?
ResMan Financials is fully configurable.  Each of your clients can receive a different invoice format or summary page.

Need to adhere to award rates?
ResMan Financials can be configured for multiple award rates and specific client payment agreements.

Total management control via ResMan Reports

Powerful Management Reporting
Powerful management reporting comes standard so you can track all aspects of your business from KPIs to clients to consultant activity.

Custom Reports unique to your business
ResMan Reports includes a report builder so you can create your own custom reports.

Fully configurable for your business

ResMan can scale to any size
ResMan is completely scalable.  Whether your business is a single user operation, or a 1000+ user operation spread across multiple countries, ResMan is fast, secure and proven at any scale.

ResMan is fully configurable 
Your business processes are unique and your ResMan system can be too.  You can control the way the screens look, what data you store, and even what you call each field on the screens.   Everything is configurable!

Do business across multiple countries and languages
You can configure ResMan screens in other languages.  You can even have different offices using the same ResMan system in different ways.

Productive from day one
ResMan comes ready to use out of the box with typical configurations available for every type of recruitment from IT to Temporary Office to Accounting.

Implement specific business rules and processes
You can configure ResMan to use custom business and validation rules.

ResMan CRM

ResMan has powerful CRM and sales and marketing features built into every ResMan implementation. Our software allows you to categorise people and organisations and to use these to search for suitable records to send marketing materials, to email or SMS information, to invite people to events or training courses, to include in presentations, marketing campaigns or festivities.

Our Search Criteria are user-configurable and include utilities to make global changes as your needs and requirements change over time.

We have organisation charting built in (for people's roles and to show multi-state and multi-branch company structures, too) and we keep historical records of people's past roles and employers.

ResMan CRM allows you to set up your own unique sales pipeline to track bids and tender responses and individual sales through the processes to successful completion.

Plus much more.

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