ResMan for Process Management

ResMan for Process Management is our most flexible solution for activity-focused workflow and process tracking in private and public sector organisations. While many competing 'workflow' systems concentrate just on the paper or document flows, or on role-related work tasks, ResMan provides a general process framework for tracking and controlling work tasks that relate to the core activities that are at the heart of your day-to-day business. ResMan SMART Configurable Activity Tracking software lets you create unique solutions for any business activity that involves people and organisations, and the tasks they perform, in a secure and scalable database.

ResMan for Process Management solves challenging problems such as: Outsourcing Contracts; 3rd Party Service Sub-contracting; Project and Task Management; Tenders and Bids; CRM; Helpdesk. ResMan for Process Management configurations can be deployed as single-purpose solutions for single activities, or combined into enterprise systems with different groups of users, each having their own specific activity solutions within a shared ResMan database.

Major Benefits

  • Configure your own processes, actions, reminders and prompts with ResMan Workflow
  • Fully Configurable - Use your own unique terminology and re-label screens to suit
  • Create, store and control access to documents and contracts with ResMan Document Control
  • Capture and view complex organisation and people relationships
  • Capture and report on KPIs and exceptions via ResMan Reports
  • Track all activity and review and filter activity history
  • Track and highlight key stages and states
  • Create automated reminders and prompts
  • Create and deliver outgoing email; copy and store incoming email (and attachments)
Extended ResMan Workflow

Create composite business processes to meet contractual or regulatory requirements
Extended ResMan Workflow ensures that processes are managed in accordance with contractual or regulatory business rules.

Fully Configurable

ResMan is fully configurable
Your business processes are unique and your ResMan system can be too. You can control the way the screens look, what data you store, and even what you call each field on the screens. Everything is configurable!

ResMan Document Control
  • Create documents from standard templates and merge database information into them
  • Set security access rules for view, create, change
  • Create secure storage locations
  • Create placeholders for any type of internally created or externally sourced documents, in all common formats (pdf, doc, xls, video, sound, html...)
  • Document versioning
Total management control via ResMan Reports

Powerful Management Reporting

Powerful management reporting comes standard so you can track all aspects of your business from KPIs to clients to consultant activity.

Custom Reports unique to your business

ResMan Reports includes a report builder so you can create your own custom reports.

ResMan CRM

ResMan has powerful CRM and sales and marketing features built into every ResMan implementation. Our software allows you to categorise people and organisations and to use these to search for suitable records to send marketing materials, to email or SMS information, to invite people to events or training courses, to include in presentations, marketing campaigns or festivities.

Our Search Criteria are user-configurable and include utilities to make global changes as your needs and requirements change over time.

We have organisation charting built in (for people's roles and to show multi-state and multi-branch company structures, too) and we keep historical records of people's past roles and employers.

ResMan CRM allows you to set up your own unique sales pipeline to track bids and tender responses and individual sales through the processes to successful completion.

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