ResMan for Labour Hire

Rapid-fire job creation and placements

Speed is essential in Labour Hire
ResMan for Labour Hire understands that multiple jobs arrive at once and need placing fast.  You can quickly and easily create multiple jobs, and then search for and place staff with one click

Search Criteria tuned to Labour Hire
ResMan for Labour Hire understands that when you need a builder, you don’t care what type of hammer they use.  ResMan for Labour Hire ships with ResMan Search Criteria tuned for your business.

SMS / Text Placements
Waste no time contacting workers.  ResMan for Labour Hire enables you to automatically send workers a text confirming the job and all details like where, when and who to contact.

Find Unfilled Jobs Fast
Never miss an opportunity to make a placement again.  ResMan for Labour Hire enables you to locate all unfilled jobs from one simple search screen.

OSH and OHS incidents and accidents

Occupational Safety and Health
ResMan for Labour Hire makes it easy for you to log, track and report on any incidents and accidents


Integrated with ResMan Financials

Easy Timesheets and Invoice Processing
Quick and easy timesheet entry and invoice processing.  Seamless exports to Accounting and Payroll systems.

ResMan CRM

ResMan has powerful CRM and sales and marketing features built into every ResMan implementation. Our software allows you to categorise people and organisations and to use these to search for suitable records to send marketing materials, to email or SMS information, to invite people to events or training courses, to include in presentations, marketing campaigns or festivities.

Our Search Criteria are user-configurable and include utilities to make global changes as your needs and requirements change over time.

We have organisation charting built in (for people's roles and to show multi-state and multi-branch company structures, too) and we keep historical records of people's past roles and employers.

ResMan CRM allows you to set up your own unique sales pipeline to track bids and tender responses and individual sales through the processes to successful completion.

Plus much more.

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