ResMan for Case Management

Extended ResMan Workflow

Create composite business processes to meet contractual or regulatory requirements
Extended ResMan Workflow ensures that cases are managed in accordance with contractual or regulatory business rules.

Automatic Reminders and Follow ups
Extended ResMan Workflow automatically reminds case managers when case phase deadlines approach or budgets reach pre-defined limits.

Manage Complex Referrals and Funding Agreements

Manage Multiple Related Parties Easily
Manage complex case referral relationships from one screen.  Referrals can include multiple employers, other family members, associated professionals working on the case, Insurers and Funders

Manage Case Plans

Build Case Plans easily
ResMan for Case Management enables fast and accurate setup of case plans and services from one screen.  Case plans can be turned into contracts between the parties.

Track Case Progress easily
Once setup, all work performed by your staff against the plan is automatically tracked and easy to locate via ResMan Case History.

Manage Cases by Phase
ResMan for Case Management enables you to split cases into phases and manage each phase as part of the overall case.  Multiple episodes of care are also support.

Manage Case Budgets by Time and Amounts
ResMan for Case Management enables you to set time and spend budgets for each case and each case phase.

Comprehensive Case Management Reporting

Management always informed
ResMan Reports provides comprehensive management reports.  You are always informed on case performance.

ResMan CRM

ResMan has powerful CRM and sales and marketing features built into every ResMan implementation. Our software allows you to categorise people and organisations and to use these to search for suitable records to send marketing materials, to email or SMS information, to invite people to events or training courses, to include in presentations, marketing campaigns or festivities.

Our Search Criteria are user-configurable and include utilities to make global changes as your needs and requirements change over time.

We have organisation charting built in (for people's roles and to show multi-state and multi-branch company structures, too) and we keep historical records of people's past roles and employers.

ResMan CRM allows you to set up your own unique sales pipeline to track bids and tender responses and individual sales through the processes to successful completion.

Plus much more.

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